How Do I Choose the Right Power Wheelchair?

We understand choosing a power wheelchair to fit your needs can be a little confusing so we've outlined some of the features and differences of our power wheelchairs for you to consider before purchasing. This quick guide should give you a better understanding of which electric wheelchair fits your needs.

Travel Power Wheelchairs - Travel power wheelchairs are great for anyone who needs assistance getting around their home but also needs the portability to take their chair with them anywhere they go. These chairs have a great turning radius for small or confined spaces and can easily fit into the truck of almost any vehicle. With the heaviest piece on these models typically weighing under 28lbs these chairs also save money because they do not require a vehicle lift.

Folding Power Wheelchairs - Folding power wheelchairs are another great option for anyone who needs a chair that can be taken apart for transportability. Although heavier when taken apart, these chairs feature longer distance ranges and higher speeds. These folding power wheelchairs also offer more seating options to assist with anyone who might suffer from any condition that requires different cushion options.

Mid Wheel Drive Power Wheelchairs - These center-drive electric wheelchairs feature the tightest turning radius available for maneuvering in tight spaces either in your home or while shopping. These chairs also typically come with a high back seating option to give more neck and head support as well as customizable cushion options for pressure management.

Rear Wheel Drive Power Wheelchairs - Rear wheel power wheelchairs still offer the seating options of mid-wheel drive chairs with even better discounted pricing. Although the turning radius isn't quite as small these chairs are still great for indoor use and are very easy to operate.

Heavy Duty/ High Weight Capacity Power Wheelchairs - With electric wheelchairs holding up to 675lbs we have a chair for almost anyone to help regain their mobility. With different seating and back options you'll be more than comfortable while enjoying life.