How to Choose the Right Mobility Scooter


Choosing the best mobility scooter for you can sometimes be confusing but don’t worry we’re here to help make your selection the right one. Some of the most important factors to consider when buying a mobility scooter include price, transportability, portability, indoor and outdoor use and weight capacity. With our simple guide we make finding the right mobility scooter for you simple!


Transportable Mobility Scooters -These travel mobility scooters are the perfect option for someone who needs to get their scooter from point A to point B quickly and easily. These scooters require no tools to take apart and the heaviest piece on some models is as low as 24lbs making it easy for almost anyone to place them in the truck of a car. These scooters are also great for the frequent traveler and are almost all approved for airline and cruise travel.


Three wheeled Mobility Scooters - These scooters are a slight step up in size over the transportable scooters offering more comfortable seating options and increased weight capacities up to 350lbs. These mobility scooters are great for either indoor or outdoor settings due to the three wheeled scooters tight turning radius. These scooters also include such upgrades as lighting packages and elevating seats on some models.


Four wheeled Mobility Scooters - These scooters are perfect for those who need the scooter mostly for outdoor use or for those who might be going on more uneven terrain. The four wheel models create a larger wheel base and are more stable offering features such as larger wheels, increased ground clearance and larger batteries increasing speed and distance. These mobility scooters are great for anyone who likes to get outside and explore.


Heavy Duty Mobility Scooters - When you’re in need of a larger scooter with larger seat widths and more power these are the mobility scooters for you. With weight capacities up to 500lbs they can accommodate almost any user who needs a little extra mobility.


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