Medicare Covered Mobility Scooters

Medicare Covered Mobility Scooters


Due to many recent Medicare changes it has become increasingly difficult to acquire not only the medical scooter you want but a mobility scooter at all to help you complete tasks to make your life easier. Currently Best Medical Supplies is not billing insurance for handicap scooters however we have provided a brief list of qualifications and the process involved to obtain equipment through Medicare. If you feel you won’t qualify or simply do not want to go through the hassle of visiting doctors and collecting paperwork please feel free to shop our full line of mobility scooters at great discount prices. Don’t forget ALL scooters ship for FREE nationwide!


Minimum Qualifications for Receiving a Mobility Scooter:


1) The patient must NOT be able to perform all daily activities using only a cane, walker or manual wheelchair.

2) The beneficiary must have a disability or limitation that requires the need of a mobility scooter to complete at least one daily task within the home. This can include anything from getting to the restroom, kitchen or any other type of grooming activity.

3) The patient’s home must have adequate space to safely and appropriately operate the power mobility vehicle.

4) The beneficiary must demonstrate willingness to use the mobility scooter as well as possess the strength and postural stability to safely operate the handicap scooter.

5) The medical scooter must be needed for in home use. For users only needing the equipment for outdoor use or leisure it will be deemed not medically necessary by Medicare and the reimbursement will be denied.


Mobility Scooter Qualification Process:


1) The first step in obtaining your power mobility vehicle is to visit your doctor. Your doctor will determine if he or she thinks you are unable to complete your daily tasks with a cane, walker or manual wheelchair.

2) Once your doctor has determined that you qualify they will need to complete a face to face evaluation as well as a written prescription. The face to face evaluation needs to document what other equipment you have tried and been unable to operate correctly as well as symptoms and what daily activities the equipment is needed for.

3) Once the paperwork has been completed your mobility equipment provider will verify it has been completed correctly and work with you to determine the proper mobility scooter to fit your needs.

4) The scooter will then be setup up for you and you will be instructed on its use.

5) Lastly the medical equipment provider will submit your claim to Medicare for approval.

Again these are only the basic requirements and steps for obtaining a handicap scooter. If you feel you don’t qualify, have already been denied or simply want to purchase a scooter that is upgraded that you cannot receive through Medicare contact Best Medical Supplies for great prices and discounts!