Medicare Covered Lift Chair Recliners

Medicare Covered Lift Chair Recliners


Medicare has made many changes in the coverage of chairs that lift and has somewhat recently decreased the reimbursement to only cover the lift mechanism in the chair. Because of the increased difficulty in getting reimbursed and limited coverage Best Medical Supplies is currently not billing Medicare or private insurance for lift chairs. The current reimbursement amount for a lift chair is approximately $280-340 depending on your coverage. Although we are currently not billing for these items we have provided a short guide on the requirements to obtain the equipment. If you feel you will not qualify through your insurance or simply do not want to deal with the hassle of the paperwork Best Medical Supplies ships all lift chairs nationwide for FREE! Feel free to shop our full selection of chairs that lift at incredible discounted prices.


Criteria for obtaining Lift Chair reimbursement:


1) Does the patient have severe arthritis of the hip or knees causing strain?

2) Does the patient have severe neuromuscular disease?

3) Is the patient completely unable to stand up from an armchair or any other chair in his or her home?

4) Once in a standing position does the patient have the ability to ambulate and move around his or her home on their own power?

5) Have other treatments been tried by the physician and patient to improve the patients strength such as physical therapy etc before prescribing the seat lift mechanism?


At least one of questions 1 or 2 must be answered yes. All of questions 3-5 must be answered yes as well in order to qualify for a lift chair with seat lift mechanism. The prescribing physician must complete the appropriate CMN and prescription with any supporting chart notes available.


Again this is only a brief summary for qualifying for the equipment. If you don’t feel you qualify or would rather skip the paperwork process and obtain your lift chair quickly feel free to browse our full line in multiple sizes and fabrics.