Mobility Scooter Troubleshooting Guide

Mobility Scooter Troubleshooting Guide


If your medical scooter has suddenly stopped working it may be a simple fix. Go through our quick trouble shooting guide before paying a technician to see if it can be fixed quickly and easily.


If you’ve turned the key on and none of the LED lights light up or it simply won’t move try the following steps:

1) Turn the key off and back on again. The key might not have clicked into place and was not recognized.

2) If it is a portable scooter try re seating the battery. When the battery was dropped in it may be obstructed or it was not placed in correctly.

3) Try pressing the main circuit breaker reset button.

4) Try checking your mobility scooters free wheel and drive lever if the scooter LED’s light up but the scooter will not move.

5) Again if it is a travel mobility scooter take the scooter apart and put it back together again. Some of the touch pad connectors may not be together.

6) If the scooter is still not operational try charging the battery. The battery may have run out of power and needs to be re charged.

7) Check the fuses on your mobility scooter. They may have burned out causing electrical problems.

8) Lastly if your scooters LED’s will light up but they blink a set amount of times reference your owner’s manual which should help you determine what the problem is what your handicap scooter.


If problems persist contact a local technician and they should be able to diagnose any sever problems with your medical scooter.