How to Select the Right Manual Wheelchair


There are many factors to consider when choosing the right wheelchair for you and with this simple guide we hope to help make your decision a little bit easier. Some factors you’ll want to consider are portability, weight of the wheelchair, price and wheel size.


Transport Wheelchairs – Transport wheelchairs are the perfect choice for transporting a loved one who might not have the strength to propel themselves. These chairs come with 4 small wheels and are typically very light. With weights as low as 14lbs they’re very easy to transport in and out of a car or take on a quick trip. Standard seat sizes range from 17-19” on most models.



Standard Wheelchairs – Standard wheelchairs are perfect for anyone who needs an inexpensive self propelled wheelchair for getting around short to medium distances. Standard wheelchairs also offer slightly more variations than transport wheelchairs such as elevating leg rests and desk or full length arm rests. Standard wheelchairs also fold for easy transport however they are slightly heavier to pick up and place into your vehicle.



Lightweight Wheelchairs – Lightweight wheelchairs are great for medium to long distances due to its lighter weight frame. With ranges from 27-34lbs they are much easier to self propel and offer a wider variety in options compared to standard wheelchairs. Some of these customizable options include color of upholstery and frame, tire selection, back angle and seat widths.


Ultralightweight Wheelchairs – These chairs are ideal for users who spend most of their time in their chair and need something extremely easy to propel in all situations. These chairs weigh as little as 14lbs and come in both folding and rigid models depending on user preference. Browse our full line of Invacare and TiLite ultralightweight wheelchairs today.



Recliner Wheelchairs – Recliner or tilt wheelchairs are perfect for anyone who spends almost all of their time in the wheelchair and needs the option to fully recline the wheelchair to a sleep position or to relieve the pressure of being in a chair for long periods of time.



Heavy Duty Wheelchairs – We offer heavy duty wheelchairs to accommodate almost any need. With weight capacities up to 800lbs and different chair styles from transport to Standard Manual wheelchair we have you covered. Browse our full line of heavy duty wheelchairs and get yourself rolling today.