How to Select the Best Lift Chair For Your Needs


With a wide variety of lift chair styles and fabrics it’s easy to find the best recliner to ensure maximum comfort for resting or just laying back and watching TV. This simple guide can help you decide which features are right for you.


Two Position Lift Chairs – Two position lift chairs offer the most affordable option for someone who doesn’t plan on sleeping or napping in the chair. These chairs come in a variety of styles with multiple fabric options and offer various options such as the slightly reclined reading position, seated position and lifted position to assist you in getting out of your chair.



Three Position Lift Chairs – Three position lift chairs are the most commonly purchased chairs and offer the widest variety of sizes and styles. With our 3 position lift chairs starting at $589 we have a chair for almost anyone’s budget. These chairs offer a variety of positions including the standard seated position, slightly reclined reading position, reclined napping position and of course the lifted option to assist you up and out of your lift chair recliner.



Infinite Position Lift Chairs – Infinite position lift chairs offer the greatest varieties of positioning to offer maximum comfort. These chairs offer on dual motors enabling you to operate the back and footrest independently. This chair offers all the positions of a three position as well as the fully reclined sleeping or bed position and Trendelenburg position which elevate the feet above the heart.



Heavy Duty Lift Chairs – We pride ourselves in carrying products to meet almost anyone’s needs. Most lift chairs can lift individuals up to 350-375 lbs but these heavy duty lift chairs can lift a person up to 700lbs. With increased seat widths and dual motors these chairs are made to last and maximize comfort in your home.


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