Lift chair recliner measuring guide


Making sure your lift chair fits your perfectly will ensure you enjoy your chair for years to come and give you maximum comfort while napping, reading or simply watching TV. Picking the right size chair that lifts you up will also make getting out of the chair and sitting down much easier and safer.


There are 4 main things to consider when getting the correct measurements:


1) Weight capacity – Always check the weight capacity of the lift chair before you buy it. Most standard lift chairs hold up to 375lbs which is adequate for most users. Lift chairs also come in increased weight capacities holding users up to 700lbs so make sure you give yourself enough power to have your chair operate correctly


2) Suggested user height – Lift chairs normally come in small, medium, large, extra large and tall sizes. Check which height the chair you’re looking at accommodates as this will determine how high the recliner lifts as well as the seat to floor height in most instances. If you choose a chair that is made for someone taller than you or shorter than you it could cause discomfort where your knees hang over the chair. This measurement can also affect the back height of the lift chair. You certainly don’t want a chair that is too short and doesn’t give appropriate head and neck support


3) Seat width – Many times the width of the chair is determined again by the size of the chair. There are other alternatives however, to accommodate almost any user because not every person is built with the same body type. This measurement refers to the width between the arms and not the overall width of the chair.


4) Seat depth – This measurement from the front of the seat to the back of the seat is also very important to factor in. If a chair is too deep for you it will cause your legs to not be able to hang correctly. As well if it is too short the foot rest will not be comfortable when raised.


These measurements are a sample of the more important factors when deciding which lift chair recliner is best for you. If you’re still unsure always contact a specialist so they can help pick the best chair for you.