Afikim Mobility Scooters Offer High End Luxury

Afikim electric vehicles have slowly started making their way into the USA mobility scooter market after being renowned worldwide for their innovative and luxuriously designed scooters. They offer a limited variety to ensure the models they do offer are made perfectly to ensure a high quality and long lasting motorized scooter. They offer everything from portable to heavy duty models and have even won the Red Dot Design award for their unique styling and advanced safety features. Although they are not the most affordable options available, they are certainly some of the most high quality and durable on the market.

The most portable and common Afikim scooter is the Caddy folding scooter. This stylish and convenient model allows you to fold your scooter quickly and easily for travel or storage. It has a compact three wheel design for tight turning radius and includes a front headlight for night time use. It is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use and can travel up to 12 miles on a single charge.

Afikim Caddy Folding Scooter

Afikim Caddy Folding Scooter

Their largest scooter is the Afiscooter S series which is offered in both 3 and 4 wheel models. It features an impressive 5” ground clearance which will allow you to go almost anywhere and also comes with larger upgraded 70AH batteries which allows a top speed of almost 10mph and a 30 mile range on a single charge!

Afiscooter S Series

Afiscooter S Series

Afikim motorized scooters also have many accessory options other scooter manufacturers simply don’t offer. One of their most popular is the canopy which will protect you from the elements while using your device outside. In addition to this they also offer standard options such as locking baskets, cup holders, wide tires and many more to make sure you get the maximum use out of your scooter.

If you’re looking for luxury and will only accept top of the line, be sure to check out the Afikim electric vehicles at Best Medical Supplies today! Get them with free shipping nationwide and full warranty direct from the manufacturer. As always , be sure to contact one of our mobility experts if you have any questions or would like suggestions on which model is best to fit your needs.

What is the Most Popular Power Wheelchair?

What is the most popular electric wheelchair? This is a question our mobility experts are asked all of the time. Similar to other mobility devices, there isn’t an exact answer to this question for everyone. There are many factors that go into deciding the best power wheelchair for you and your budget. You need to consider a few things such as where you’ll using the chair, if it needs to portable so it can be taken apart quickly, what weight capacity is needed and what type of seating is best for you. These are only a few things to consider before making your purchase. Power wheelchairs can be broken down into a few distinct categories to fit different needs. We’ve listed our personal favorites below based on staff and customer popularity.

Portable Travel Power Wheelchair Top Pick

If you’re searching for an electric wheelchair that can be taken apart quickly and stored in your vehicle or in your home, our top choice is the Shoprider Jimmie portable power chair. This can be taken apart into four easy to manage pieces and the heaviest piece only weighs 35lbs. This chair requires no tools to be taken apart and can be disassembled in minutes. While it is a smaller version, it still comes standard with a higher back seat compared to most travel chairs, offering added comfort and support for extended use. The Shoprider Jimmie comes with a footplate that can be flipped up to make it easier to get in and out of the chair. The armrests are also fully adjustable to make sure it’s the perfect fit for you or a loved one. In addition to all of the great features on this chair it is also approved for travel everywhere including airplanes, trains and cruise ships.

Shoprider Jimmie Portable Electric Wheelchair

Shoprider Jimmie Portable Electric Wheelchair

Mid Wheel Drive Power Wheelchair Top Pick

Center wheel drive wheelchairs are the most common electric wheelchair due to the comfort and convenience they offer the user. They are usually meant for someone who spends most of their time in the chair and require a tight turning radius for getting around the home. For this electric wheelchair category, we highly recommend the Jazzy 600 ES chair by Pride Mobility. This sleekly designed chair offers a typical weight capacity of 300lbs like most center wheel drive chairs but comes with larger batteries and drive tires compared to other models. The standard batteries are NF-22 which will provide a 15-20 mile range and the large 14” drive tires are perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

Pride Jazzy 600 ES

Pride Jazzy 600 ES

Heavy Duty Electric Wheelchair Top Pick

There are now a wide variety of heavy duty electric wheelchairs but our top pick in this category is the Shoprider 6Runner 14 with its 450lbs weight capacity and 21” standard seat size, this chair can accommodate almost anyone’s needs. It comes standard with upgraded batteries which can travel 26 miles on a single charge as well as 14” drive tires which can get you over almost any terrain. The arm rests and foot plate are also fully adjustable to position your body perfectly for all day comfort while maneuvering in your home or around town. The 6 Runner 14 by Shoprider also comes standard with a 1 year in home service warranty which is good nationwide.

Shoprider 6runner 14

Shoprider 6runner 14

While these are some of our top picks and seller for electric wheelchairs, be sure to focus on which specifications and uses of the chair are most important to you. Don’t solely focus on what everyone else is buying because that may not be the best option for you. When buying a power wheelchair online you’ll have many choices from a wide variety of manufacturers. Be sure to carefully weigh your options to make sure you’re happy with your purchase for years to come. If at any point you need assistance in the buying process, our mobility experts are available 7 days a week to ensure you get the best power chair at the best price!

Pride Go Go Travel Mobility Scooters Offer Variety and Reliability

Travel or portable mobility scooters are the number one selling scooter at Best Medical Supplies because of their low pricing and ease of use almost anywhere you need to go. Because of this, it’s no surprise that the Go Go Series by Pride Mobility is one of our top sellers. They offer such a variety in sizes, battery power, weight capacity and styles that there is almost certainly a model that will match your needs. There have been many updates to these scooters recently so we would like to recap the main advantages of each type of Go Go to help you with your buying process to ensure you get the correct model to fit your needs.

Go Go Ultra X Travel Scooter

The Go Go Ultra x 3 and 4 wheel is the most economical version currently available. As with all of their models, this can be taken apart easily into 4 different pieces including the seat, the battery box and front and rear sections. They have recently discontinued the blue color and this model is now only available in red. It comes standard with a front basket and charger. It travels 8-10 miles on a single charge with its 12AH batteries and will hold a moderate weight capacity up to 260lbs.

Go Go Ultra X scooters

Go Go Ultra X scooters

Go Go Elite Travel Mobility Scooter

The next step up is the Elite travel series. Again this model comes in both 3 and 4 wheel models and can be taken apart but offers a higher weight capacity at 275lbs. It also offers a couple options to upgrade such as the color panels it comes with allowing you to change the color from red to blue quickly and easily and it also gives you the option to upgrade to an 18AH battery instead of the standard 12AH that comes with it. This battery upgrade will give your Go Go an increase in range from 10 miles to 15 miles on a single charge

Go Go Elite Scooter

Go Go Elite Scooter

Go Go LX with CTS Suspension

This is one of the newer motorized scooter offerings from Pride Mobility. What’s unique about the LX with CTS is the smoother ride it offers due to its high strength suspension system on both the front and rear wheels. While this sleek Go Go comes in both three and four wheel models as well, it is great for bumpy outdoor terrain and prevents any rough jarring on your back and joints with its soft and smooth ride. The LX has an impressive weight capacity up to 300lbs and also features the option of upgrading from a 12AH battery to the 18AH for extended range.

Go Go LX 4 wheel

Go Go LX 4 wheel

Go Go Sport Mobility Scooter

The new Go Go Sport is essentially the replacement to the older Go Go Traveller HD model that Pride had offered in the past. This durable machine holds up to 325lbs and comes standard with the 18AH battery to provide added power and range for both indoor and outdoor use. As with the other motorized Go Go’s you have the option of a 3 or 4 wheel model to best fit your needs. It also includes the front basket and charger at no additional charge.

Go Go Sport 3 Wheel

Go Go Sport 3 Wheel

As you can see, the Pride Mobility Scooters line offers a wide variety of Go Go’s to fit almost anyone’s needs and is ideal for almost any weight capacity. All of those motorized scooters come standard with a 1 year in home service warranty and ship for free nationwide. If you still aren’t sure which model is best for you, feel free to contact one of our mobility experts to help you choose the best product at the best possible price.

What Is The Most Popular Mobility Scooter?

We get thousands of visitors a month to our website and many ask the same question while shopping for a motorized scooter. What is the most popular mobility scooter? While we do have certain models we typically suggest based on quality, service and styling, there is not one scooter that is best for everyone. While portability might be the most important factor for some, weight capacity and outdoor capabilities will be the biggest concern for others. Because of this we’ve broken down our most popular scooters based on each category.

Portable Travel Mobility Scooters

For a small and manageable portable model we highly recommend the Zip’R Roo 3 and 4 wheel travel scooters. These convenient machines can handle weights up to 250lbs and come in both three and four wheel designs to best suit your needs. If a tight turning radius is important to you, we suggest the 3 wheel model as it fits easily into most areas. If you’re concerned about stability, Zip’r has also created the Zip’r Roo 4 wheel to offer two wheels in the front and added stability. Both models can be taken apart into 4 pieces quickly and easily without the need for tools. Simply remove the seat, pull out the battery box and disconnect the front and rear sections. This will allow you to store the device easily into the trunk of a vehicle or any other small area.

Zip'R Roo Mobility Scooter

Folding Mobility Scooters

The folding mobility scooter popularity has quickly grown because these models typically fold up into one piece and you don’t have to worry about losing a piece or putting the device back together. The Freerider Luggie is our top choice for folding motorized scooters. It weighs only 54lbs when folded up and comes with a long lasting lithium battery. The Luggie scooter now comes in different models for different weight capacities and offers different batteries for increased range. These include the standard Luggie and the Luggie elite which can hold an impressive 320lbs. The Luggie comes in a wide variety of colors and features many accessories to make your travels enjoyable.

Luggie Elite Folding Scooter

Standard Size Mobility Scooters

Standard size mobility scooters typically aren’t meant to be broken down but they offer a slightly more comfortable seat, longer distance range and larger tires. In this category we highly recommend the Pride Victory 9 series mobility scooter. It comes in both 3 and 4 wheel models and features larger U1 batteries which will give this model a longer range, weight capacity up to 300lbs and a top speed of 5.25mph. It comes in both a stylish red and blue color and includes a hard plastic front basket to carry smaller items such as a bag of groceries. Along with the Victory 9 you also get a standard 1 year in home service warranty which is good nationwide. We know you’ll love this standard size motorized scooter.

Pride Victory 9

Pride Victory 9

All Terrain and Heavy Duty Mobility Scooters

If you’re searching for high weight capacities and larger tires to get you outdoors we definitely recommend the Vita mobility scooters by Heartway. They come in a variety from the speedy Vita Sport all the way up to the rugged Vita S12X Monster which features larger tires that will handle almost any environment. These all terrain models offer larger batteries for ranges up to 30 miles and will hold an impressive 400lbs. If you’re searching for all terrain capabilities be sure to browse or call and ask about the Heartway Vita series scooters today.

Heartway Vita S12X Monster

Heartway S12 Monster

So when you’re browsing for the perfect scooter, remember that one size doesn’t fit all. You need to keep in mind how and where you’ll be using the device. You may require a larger seat, certain accessories or you may need to be able to disassemble the equipment quickly and easily for travel. If you have any questions about these great products or any of our mobility scooters, please contact one of our specialists and we’ll be happy to help you choose the best product to fit your needs.

Buying an Electric Wheelchair Out Of Pocket

While many who need and receive power wheelchairs typically go through Medicare or private insurance, there are many who simply don’t qualify, aren’t covered or don’t want to go through the hassle of dealing with insurance companies and receiving equipment that doesn’t fit their needs. Although some chairs are very costly, there are many that are priced competitively and there are many benefits these days to buying your motorized wheelchair out of pocket on your own. You get to pick exactly which chair you want with your accessories and specifications, the chair will be brand new and you can upgrade anytime. For these reasons many people are shopping online to get the best deals.

Pride Go Chair Portable Power Wheelchair

Pride Go Chair Portable

When you go through insurance companies such as Medicare you’re typically not going to get to choose the chair you’re given even if it isn’t the best option for you. Although you’ll have gone through all the evaluations and face to face exams from your doctor, who can take months, you’ll be persuaded to choose a chair the provider has in stock or gets the lowest pricing on from a set manufacturer. Typically in this case it is a standard size chair and you won’t even be given the option if you want a small portable travel power wheelchair or folding model. Because reimbursements have been slashed so significantly in recent years providers don’t have the ability to give everyone brand new chairs and especially upgraded models they want with larger tires, upgraded batteries etc. You essentially get what makes most sense for the provider.

Another great advantage of purchasing an electric wheelchair on your own is that your chair will be brand new with full warranty and has never been used by anyone else. Under new Medicare guidelines many who need chairs are receiving used equipment because providers have been switched to a rental program that turns into ownership after 13 months. If someone goes into skilled nursing, hospice or passes away the chair then goes back to the provider and will be given to the next qualified person for that chair. Not only are you getting a used piece of equipment, you don’t know how they cared for the chair or who had been using it before you. They might have spilled something into the controller which could affect your experience down the road or the user may have been incontinent. When buying your own chair as mentioned, you know it’s brand new and you don’t have to worry about any of these issues.

Shoprider 6 Runner 10

Shoprider 6 Runner 10

People also encounter issues with needing upgrades to their chairs or the need to switch to a different type of power wheelchair as their needs change. Medicare and insurance only allows a new chair every 5 years which could be a problem for someone whose chair is badly damaged or simply doesn’t fit their needs anymore. It could be the type of control system, the seating or other issues that just don’t fit the needs of the user. When purchasing your equipment on your own, you’re free to upgrade the chair or options on the chair whenever you choose and don’t have to worry about the headache of working through doctors and providers for documentation.

Take all of these factors into considering whether insurance is worth the effort or of it makes more sense to simply purchase the exact motorized wheelchair you want out of your own pocket. There are many financing options available and you’ll also want to weigh the price of your co-pay against the cost of purchasing it on your own from an online provider such as Best Medical Supplies On Sale. You may be surprised how closely the costs may be in the long run.

Mobility Scooters and Power Wheelchairs Made In USA

While most manufacturers have shipped production out of the country to cut back on costs, Pacesaver continues to manufacture high quality power wheelchairs and motorized mobility scooters right here in the USA. All of their mobility products are custom made to order and typically take 3-5 days in production before they ship but it is well worth the wait. These machines are built with quality and craftsmanship in mind and are built to last for years with very little maintenance required. While their products might not be the least expensive, the saying “you get what you pay for” is definitely true in this case.


Pacesaver Plus III

Pacesaver Plus III

Pacesaver’s mobility scooters are definitely their top seller due to the variety, stability and comfort they provide. Anyone who has experienced the smooth ride they offer can attest to their quality. They feature all types including models that can be taken apart quickly and easily such as the Pacesaver Plus III as well has heavy duty motorized scooters that can hold up to 500lbs such as the Espree Atlas scooter. Their unique designs create extraordinary turning radius and maximum comfort due to all the adjustments that can be made. Some models offer power elevating seats and the tiller is quickly adjustable towards or away from you allowing just the right position for your hands and arms for all day use. Pacesaver scooters also offer lighting packages, baskets and a wide variety of additional options such as cup holders, flags, cane holders and many more to ensure you get the most out of your equipment.

Pacsaver Boss Electric Wheelchair

Pacsaver Boss Electric Wheelchair

While their scooters are wildly popular, the electric wheelchairs from Pacesaver are quickly becoming a highly sought after item as well. While most electric wheelchair manufacturers offer standard chairs only up to 300lbs, Pacesaver has created a full customizable chair in the Boss 6 and Boss 6NS that can hold an amazing 675lbs! With powerful motors, fully customizable seat sizes and an assortment of options such as elevating leg rests, cup holders and more, we know you’ll love this custom made power chair. For those who don’t need a weight capacity quite that high, they’ve also developed the Boss 4.5 which allows for users up to 450lbs and comes with all of the same features. All of their chairs offers mid wheel drive technology which allows for the best possible turning radius which is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

If you’re searching for a mobility scooter or electric wheelchair made right here in the USA, you can’t go wrong with the Pacesaver line of products. Each mobility device is built custom for you to fit exactly what you’re looking for. They includes everything from color to seat size and best of all, they ship free anywhere nationwide. If you need help choosing the correct model or customizing your Pacesaver product, be sure to contact one of our specialists for assistance during the ordering process.

How to Disassemble an Electric Wheelchair

Questions come to us every day from people who want the convenience of an electric wheelchair but they also want something they can bring with them to the store or even on vacation. While a lift on or inside your vehicle is an option, it is another added expense which most people don’t want to pay for. Recently there has been some incredible advancement in power wheelchair technology which allows them to be taken apart quickly and easily without the need of tools to do so. One of the most common and affordable portable travel power chairs is the Shoprider Jimmie. While not all chairs are the same these images below will give you a solid idea on how they are taken apart with each step listed below.

Shoprider Jimmie Disassemble

Shoprider Jimmie Apart


1) You’ll need to first remove the seat from the seat pole which is connected to the base of the power wheelchair. To do so you’ll grab the easy to access lever located underneath the seat to release the seat from the post. At this point the seat should slide off easily and can be stored next to the unit while you disassemble the remaining pieces or stored into your vehicle. Remember to disconnect the wiring to the joystick before removing the seat as you don’t want to risk damaging the wiring to the control box and joystick.


2) After you’ve safely removed the seat you’ll want to lift the colored shroud cover giving you access to the battery pack. There will be a handle on the battery pack which allows you to lift the batteries out safely and easily without having to handle the batteries directly.


3) The third and final step is to separate the rear wheel and motor section from the front where the front wheels and foot platform are located. There is a quick release lever located on the back portion of the chair that will allow you to separate both pieces. Simply push that lever and it disengages the locking mechanism. You are now free to separate them and you’re left with four easy to manage parts that can be stored quickly and easily into your vehicle or home.


While the first time taking your travel power chair apart may take a few minutes to get used to, after some time you’ll be able to do it quickly and easily. You’ll want to test your strength with an object around your home or gym to be sure you can lift the heaviest piece which in most cases is approximately 28-34lbs depending on the chair you have chosen. If you’re unsure which travel electric wheelchair is best to fit your needs be sure to contact one of our mobility experts to ensure proper fit.

Nova Rolling Walkers Are a Best Buy

Rolling walkers also known as rollators have also been a huge seller nationwide because of the added mobility, versatility and safety they add for anyone who needs added assistance while walking both short and long distances. While standard walkers are also wildly popular they don’t offer great features such as a seat to sit on and relax when you need a break, hand brakes and baskets to carry small but important items such as your purse or wallet. Nova Ortho-Med has quickly become a world leader in expanding what was once a very limited option market for rollators and expanded it into almost any size, style and color you can imagine.

The most important expansion has been the wide variety of sizes for rolling walkers. What used to be two or three options has now expanded to fit the needs of almost anyone. From small and petite such as the Nova Vibe petite model to the Mighty Mack which can hold an incredible 600lbs, they offer something for everyone. While some may concerned about the width of the unit to get through doorways, another user may be concerned about seat width to make sure they can fit comfortably inside the handlebars without feel too restrained. In addition to their wide array of mobility devices they’ve also taken into consideration of taller individuals who also need assistance with their mobility. The Zoom 24 has a higher seat and longer extending hand grips so you’re not stuck with a hunched over experience when you’re getting from place to place.

While everything Nova has put together has added comfort to the user experience, it’s the style and color of their rollators that really set them apart. They carry almost any color you’d want including the typical red and blue to vibrant colors like pink and purple. Nowadays you don’t want to be stuck with a medical looking device. You want a piece of equipment that cannot only help you but also expresses your person style and personality. With these top of the line walkers with wheels you get just that. In addition to all of the color options they’ve added, they’ve also put together plenty of options for type of back rests, wheel size and the type of basket available with each unit. While most typical rollators come with a lower back, Nova has created a padded back rest that slopes upwards which gives the unit a more modern look but more importantly places the pressure higher up on your back where it is much more comfortable than options that place pressure on your lower back and cause strain. Also, while rolling walkers of the past would only include wire baskets, Nova has expanded their line to included vinyl baskets both in black and different color patterns which won’t allow anything to slip through and also adds a level of privacy to whatever you need to carry.

So whether you’re biggest concerns for buying a rollator online is size or style, Nova Ortho-Med has you covered. They offer the biggest variety in the country at the lowest possible discount pricing. However, don’t let price be your only reason to purchase these items. They’re quality made to last years and are backed by a full manufacturer’s warranty. So if you want the best and want something that will fit you perfectly in a color that fits your style, be sure to check out these fantastic devices today.

Folding Mobility Scooter Popularity Continues to Grow

There has always been a large market for travel mobility scooters because so many want to take them with them wherever they go. Whether it’s simply to the grocery store or on a vacation the portable scooter can make life much easier and more enjoyable. Traditional larger scooters offer great features as well and options such as larger seats, bigger batteries and more leg room but they require the purchase of a vehicle lift and can be very cumbersome to transport from point A to point B. Many portable models are extremely convenient but they do require you to disassemble them into typically four pieces. You’ll have the seat, battery box, rear section with motor and front assembly with handlebars. While you don’t need any tools to take these apart and the heaviest piece is only around 28lbs, many worry about losing a piece or struggle with the dexterity in their hands to manage each piece.

For these reasons, many are switching over to folding mobility scooters such as the Freerider Luggie or Solax Mobie. While these models are slightly more expensive mostly because of the lithium battery included they fold up conveniently into one piece so you don’t have to worry about losing any moving parts. These folding mobility scooters simply fold up like a suitcase into one piece and can be rolled just like luggage. The total weight of these innovative machines is only 54lbs, which is nearly half of what a traditional model would weigh when completely put together. They come with all the typical features you’d need such as adjustable handlebar or tiller, comfortable seat with armrests, rechargeable battery box, solid tires to prevent flats and adjustable speed control for when you’re indoors or out.

Luggie Elite Folding Scooter

While the most popular folding scooters for mobility are the Solax Mobie and the Luggie they do have a couple differences you’ll want to consider when deciding which one to buy. The biggest difference between the two is how the wheels are setup. While they both come with 4 wheels, the Solax has a more traditional 4 wheel setup where they are all spaced out evenly. In order to create a tighter turning radius Freerider moved the two front wheels closer together. This still creates a stable riding experience but will allow for better turning in smaller spaces. Another big difference between the two is the variety of weight capacities and upgraded batteries the Luggie allows but the Mobie does not. Luggie has now created three different models. The standard model only holds a weight capacity of 250lbs with a 8.5AH battery while the Luggie Elite can hold an impressive 320lbs and comes equipped with a 10.5AH battery giving it more power and an extended range. Solax has only created one model but it is plenty capable with a weight capacity of 300lbs but comes standard with a 10AH battery pack. If distance is your biggest concern, Solax has created an additional holding area of an extra battery pack that can be switched out quickly and easily while you’re out riding around for comfortable all day use.

Solax Mobie Scooter

As you can see, while traditional portable mobility scooters are extremely convenient easy to use, the folding models are quickly becoming a top seller with all of the upgrades and the technological advancements that they have integrated. If you don’t want to deal with multiple pieces and want a quick and easy scooter that folds up into one piece, then the folding scooter might be the right choice for you.

Zip’R Mobility Scooters Offer Exceptional Quality at Affordable Prices

Because it has become almost an impossible task to receive a mobility scooter through Medicare, many people nationwide have chosen to simply purchase their scooter out of pocket. Because of this, we get asked every day what is the lowest priced scooter you have that doesn’t sacrifice styling or quality. One of our top sellers has quickly become the Zip’r line of mobility scooters. They feature top sellers such as the Zip’r Roo 3 and 4 wheel starting at only $604 with free shipping nationwide. All of their models can be broken down quickly and easily without the need for any tools and are perfect for indoors or getting around outside on hard surfaces or within malls, cruise ships etc. They’re all backed by a full manufacturer’s warranty and are brand new in the box. We understand mobility extends beyond just inside your home. While Medicare rarely covers scooters anymore because they only consider indoor use important, we know how important it is to get outside or to the store to enjoy life and handle important tasks such as shopping for groceries. They feature things like hard puncture proof tires, front baskets and easily rechargeable battery packs. When you’re looking for a quality handicap scooter at an affordable discount price, look no further than the Zip’r brand at Best Medical Supplies On Sale!

Zip'R Roo Mobility Scooter